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Hyperoptics (formerly Myoptics) Reviews

"I was referred here by a good friend and I am so happy I came here! It was time for an eye exam and I needed new eyeglasses. My appointment started right as scheduled which made me happy to not have to wait around! "

Carol P.

"Dr. Bryant along with everyone else in the office was very respectful and reliable. No issues with staff, the perfect place to go to if you ever need a new pair of glasses too!"

Nelson C.

"Dr. Bryant constantly goes above and beyond for his patients. Every time I’ve needed something, he’s helped. And his office has the most wonderful staff! Dr. Bryant quickly diagnosed my eye issue and I was back to normal before I knew it, thanks to him. Based on my case of uveitis, he recommended I look into testing for autoimmune diseases. It’s a good thing he did — I took his advice and learned I do have something going on. Had he not made this suggestion I may have gone years without knowing."

Tessa F.

"Dr. Bryant and his staff were phenomenal. I am extremely satisfied with the depth of Dr. Bryant's examination and his detailed explanations. Wide selection of frames to choose from and no wait time. Would definitely recommend this practice to all of my friends and family."

Luke S.

"What a great doctor!! He and his staff are very professional and they have a great selection of frames. I will definitely be going back!"

Kimberly B.
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