Letter From Dr. Bryant

Letter From Dr. Bryant

Letter From Dr. Bryant

Letter From Dr. Bryant

September 25th, 2023

To my valued patients,

As of today, my 27-year role as Optometrist and owner of Hyperoptics has come to an end. This is a day that I knew would eventually arrive, and after a long period of reflection and discussions with my family, I felt this was the right time. While I have felt a range of emotions in anticipation of this day, the overarching one is appreciation.

You have allowed me into your lives and the lives of your families in ways small and large, so I could hopefully make them a bit better. I’ve learned, laughed, celebrated, and grieved with you. Together, we’ve made it through the tragedy of 9/11, three economic crises, a hurricane, a pandemic, and two relocations! Our ability to do so was because of your unwavering, steadfast loyalty and support, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will cherish the moments we’ve shared.

The main reason I felt the timing was right for this transition is because the practice is vibrant, relevant, and growing. Too many times, doctors hold on too long before passing the baton to someone with a younger, fresher perspective. I have been fortunate to find Dr. Parminder Multani, OD to continue the Hyperoptics journey with you. His enthusiasm, energy, and entrepreneurial spirit remind me of myself when I started. He is well trained, experienced, ambitious, yet humble. As a Rutgers and esteemed Pennsylvania College of Optometry graduate, he brings immense talent with him. He plans to add services such as pediatric myopia management and add conveniences like online appointment scheduling and an interactive patient portal.

To ease this transition, I will remain involved by providing consulting services. All current staff members will remain, as will all the existing products and services you’ve come to enjoy.

Dr. Multani plans to keep the DBA name of Hyperoptics, but you’ll see his LLC (Singh Consulting LLC) on insurance directory listings and billing statements. The office phone number will remain the same at 201.420.0644. The office hours will also remain the same but may be expanded in the future.

In closing, and as one last favor, I hope you will all join me in welcoming and supporting Dr. Multani as he begins his lifelong dream. His success will help ensure that what we have spent decades building together will continue to thrive for his career and beyond.

With deepest gratitude,
Dr. Mark Bryant, OD

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