The Importance and Benefits of High-Quality Eyeglasses

The Importance and Benefits of High-Quality Eyeglasses

The Importance and Benefits of High-Quality Eyeglasses

The Importance and Benefits of High-Quality Eyeglasses

With the rising cost of living, people try to cut corners wherever possible. For some things, that’s fine. However, when it comes to your eyes, you never want to compromise. After all, you only have two eyes that you depend on daily. So, if you need eyeglasses, make quality a priority.


Online Versus In-Person Optometry

Today, people can order eyeglasses from hundreds of online merchants. While some offer good service, more often than not, people end up with glasses that don’t help. In some instances, they buy eyewear that’s potentially damaging to their vision. So, even if you pay a little more for quality glasses from a local optometrist, it’s money well spent.

Buying glasses in person from a reputable optometrist is one of the best ways to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear. After all, this eye specialist not only performs eye exams but also talks to patients about things that could impact their vision. Two perfect examples include lifestyle and diet.


Possible Risks

Buying eyeglasses online often poses several risks. According to multiple studies, these are the most serious patient complaints:


Wrong Prescription

Without an in-person eye exam, some online eyeglass stores either use a person’s current prescription or utilize tests that don’t produce accurate results. A person’s vision can quickly change, so it’s never a good idea to use an existing prescription



Regardless of how great eyeglasses appear online, that doesn’t guarantee their comfort. After all, there’s no way for you to know how they’ll fit until after you receive them. Unfortunately, few online eyeglass merchants offer refunds


Benefits of Quality Eyeglasses

Remember, always start by choosing a reputable optometrist. That way, you’ll receive the one-on-one patient care you deserve. Here are the key advantages of buying quality glasses from a respected optometrist.


Superior Materials

Leading optometrists now offer their patients a wide assortment of frame materials. That includes wood, acetate, and other environmentally friendly options. However, even frames made of metal or plastic will exceed your expectations due to their quality.


Flattering Styles

Along with materials, eyeglasses come in almost endless styles, shapes, and colors. You can choose glasses enhanced with embellishments too. Simply choose whatever flatters your face and matches your personality the best.


Optimal Comfort

You want eyeglasses that provide optimal comfort, especially if you wear them full-time. Cheaply made glasses often don’t fit correctly behind the ears and over the bridge of the nose. Even after just 10 minutes, some people have to remove them due to extreme discomfort.

With high-quality glasses, you’ll probably forget you have them on. That’s because an optometrist will work with you until they’re fully satisfied with the fit. Along with improving your vision and looking great, they want you to feel comfortable.


Excellent Vision

Last but not least, quality eyeglasses will provide you with the best vision possible. As part of an eye exam, an optometrist uses various tools to determine your eyes’ shape as well as the size of the pupils and irises. That information, combined with any confirmed disorder, allows them to fit you with glasses that’ll dramatically improve your vision.

For outstanding patient care and superior eyeglasses, schedule an appointment with Myoptics in Hoboken, New Jersey. Using the most advanced imaging and refractive tools, we’ll ensure your glasses have the correct prescription. Give us a call today at 201-420-0644.

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